CVS CASH Card Promotion is Back!

Everything you need to know about CVS CASH Card.

Yes CVS Couponers the CVS CASH Card Promotion is Back! 

From time to time CVS runs a Free $10.00 Cash Card promotion, when you purchase $30.00 or more on selected products. 



Q: What is a CVS Cash Card?
A: The CVS Cash card is like a store gift card, with $10.00 store credit on it and can be used like cash and even pay the taxes.

The CVS CASH Card will print at the bottom of your receipt just like an Extrabucks would, except it has more benefits!

Q: How does the CVS Cash card promotion work?
A: From time to time CVS runs a Free $10.00 Cash Card promotion, when you purchase $30.00 or more on selected products. 


You will need to purchase Select items throughout the store listed in promotion to qualify for your $10.00 CA$H Card when you spend $30.00 (before Coupons) 


Selected products will be marked in the ad for promotion, with a CVS Cash symbol

Purchase any of the products listed.These products can be mixed and matched, and done in multiple shopping trips.

Once your total reaches $30.00 the Card will print out at the end of your receipt. Present your receipt to cashier , and receive a $10.00 cash card.


Q: Can I do more than one transaction?
A: Yes, The great thing about cash cards, you can do more than one transaction the register keeps track of the items you purchased and rewards you when you have reached the $30.00 limit. (before coupons) 


Q: Do Cash cards Expire?
A: CVS Cash cards have no expire date, but their is an expire date on the bottom of the receipt when it prints out in the form of $10.00 ECB, that means you have til this date to give receipt to cashier in order to get the actual  Cash card, before the receipt expires.

Q: Is CVS Cash Cards like Extrabucks?

A: No, CVS Cash cards can be used like cash, they can be used to purchase almost anything in store and even pay for the tax, unlike Extrabucks. 

Q: What Can I purchase with my Cash Card

A: You can purchase almost any in the store, but of course it Cannot be used to buy money orders of prepaid cards, or as a payment on a credit account." no expiration date.


 Q: Can I stack ExtraBucks sales with the CASH Card promotions!

A: Yes (unless otherwise noted in fine print)


Q: Can I give my cash card to a friend, family member or donate.
A: Yes


Q: Is their a limit on how many CASH Cards I can earn per promotional period?
A: Yes, there is a limit of 5 cash cards per week, and 15 per promotion.


Q: Can the CASH card link to my CVS App/card?
A: No

Q: What Stores Can I Use the Cash card at?
A: CVS Only



Q: How do i keep track of my total of promotions products between transactions?

A: When you shop for items listed in promotion, your totals are tracked and will appear on the bottom of your receipt, so you can see how much more you need to spend to earn your next cash card!

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