CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks

New to Couponing at CVS, Not sure where to start, or just want to refresh your memory, then Check out these CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks to help you with all your coupon needs.

  CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks

Q: What & Where is the CVS Extra Care Buck Coupon Center?

A: It’s a tall red and yellow machine, usually near the entrance.

 CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks

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How do I get Coupons from the ECB   Coupon Center?


Q: How do I get Coupons from the ECB 
Coupon Center?
A: Scan your CVS Card at CVS ECB Coupon Center located in every CVS store and Receive in store CVS Coupons that you can stack with printable coupons. Just walk up to it and scan your CVS ECB card and coupons will print out.

How to get CVS email coupons?

Q: How to get CVS email coupons?
A: Each week, usually on Thursdays, CVS sends out coupons to select ECB card holders that can be used in-store or online. These coupons can be sent to your ECB card and will come off automatically with a qualifying purchase or they can be printed and scanned at the register.

There are two types of coupons you can receive:

Percent off Coupons: 25% off, 30% off, etc.

Purchase-Based Coupons


Purchase-Based Coupons: $4.00 off  when you spend $12.00,or $5.00 off $20.00,when you spend coupons etc.

 Purchase-Based Coupons

CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks

Q: How do I get Customized Coupons & Exclusive ECB promotions & Percent off Coupons from CVS?

A: Give CVS your email address when you sign up. Every week CVS will send you customized coupons just for you! You’ll receive a $4 off $20 coupon instantly in your email. 

Q: Why am I not getting any CVS email coupons?

A: As long as you have an account you are eligible to receive email coupons. The Coupons may be random, regional or based on your shopping habits. Its seems the more you use coupons the less coupons they send you.

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Q: In Which Order should i present my Coupons & 
ECB to Cashier ?

  • Stacking
  • ECB Rewards
  • CVS Cash Card
  • ECB (ExtraCash Bucks)
  • Rolling

In all Coupon scenarios CVS store managers have final say, what order coupons, may be presented, and most registers do them automatically in order CVS wants them.


Q: Can I stack a CVS Store Coupon with a Manufacture Coupon?

A: Yes



Q: Can I stack my  $4.00/$20.00 cvs coupon with other CVS, and Manufacture Coupons?

A: Yes, This coupon stacks with your other CVS store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons.

Q: If there is a promotion that says I need to buy $30 of xxx to earn an ECB, is that before or after coupons?

A: Before the coupons.

Q: How can I tell the difference between a CVS Store coupon and a Manufacture Coupon?

A: The store coupons will have the CVS/Pharmacy logo on them Manufacture Coupons will have no store logo on then and looks like this

CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks 

Q: Can I return a clearance item at CVS?
A: No, All sales are final on clearance and discontinued items

Q: Can I apply a coupon to a BOGO FREE item?
A: Coupons can be applied to a "free" item. (but store mangers have final say)

(policy may change without notice)

CVS Coupon Tips & Tricks 

Q: Can I return a product without a receipt at CVS?
A: ALL returns/refund are subject to Store Manager’s approval.

Returns with receipt:
Are allowed within 60 days of the purchase

Returns without receipt:
refund will be processed on a CVS Money Card.

Does CVS offer any prescription discount programs?

Q: Does CVS offer any prescription discount programs? 

A: Yes, CVS offers the Health Savings Pass (HSP) program. To learn more visit the HSP website, call 1-888-616-CARE

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Q: Will CVS accept barcodes on  smartphone, iPhone, Droid etc.?

A: No

Q: How to tell the difference between a manufacture CVS Coupon & a CVS Store coupon?

A: If the coupon says AVAILABLE at, then its a manufacture CVS Coupon.
If the coupon says REDEEM at, then its a CVS Store coupon?


TIP: A CVS Store coupon can be stacked with a Manufacture Coupon, a CVS Manufacture coupon can not be stacked.

Q: How do I Change Zip Code in Coupons. com?

  •  Go to and click Sign In to view your profile.
  •  Click on Your Profile located within the drop down menu under your name.
  •  Place the mouse over the Zip field under My Address and click Edit to make changes.
  •  Update the Zip code, City, and State if you need to and click Save.

      That's it You're Done!

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TIP: You can print 2 coupons per computer, You will need more than one Computer to print more coupons

TIP: Coupons Have LIMITED PRINTS, So If you see a coupon you like  print it  right away (Save it for a deal), because it may not be their tomorrow.
Coupon Tips & Tricks

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