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Coupon Lingo with definitions!

Everything you need to know about Coupon Lingo with definitions!

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Coupon Lingo with definitions!

Coupon Lingo

ETS-Excludes Trial Size

Mobile Coupon App- An application you download on your phone which has coupon offers on it

Inserts in the Sunday paper-SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G= Proctor & Gamble

PSA-Prices starting at

MIR - Mail in Rebate

IP-Internet Printable coupons may be printed right from your home computer.  

"R"-regional coupon, or deal

MCM - magic coupon machine

Manufacturer Coupon- The company who produces the brand item on coupon


Store Coupon-A coupon created by the store

CVS Couponers- Extreme Couponing at CVS

CQ - Coupon Queen, a person who uses coupons to stockpile or save big

OOP- Out of pocket. This refers to the amount you pay for an item, not including rebates,or ECB’s.

OYNO- On Your Next Order. 

Stacking Coupons- Stacking coupons refers to using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one product.

One Coupon per Transaction- This one means you can only use one coupon per transaction

One Coupon per Purchase-  You can only use one coupon per item purchased.

Purchase- a purchase refers to buying any item

Purchase-Based Coupon-Purchase-Based coupons specify a dollar amount off a minimum dollar future purchase.  Some common values:  $2 off $10, $3 off $15, $4 off $20

Store Loyalty Card-  A free card which you present at checkout to receive additional savings

Money Maker- item is FREE + you have overage to pay for other items in your cart

STACKING or stack with– Using 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon on the same product

STOCKPILE – Is a pile or storage location for bulk materials, including groceries, personal care or household products.

DOUBLE – A coupon that the store doubles the face value of, if the coupon policy is to double coupons.

A pad found hanging from a store shelf or display.  This could be either coupons or MIR.

TRIPLE – A coupon that the store triples the face value of, if the coupon policy is to triple coupons.

UPC – Universal Product Code, barcode on the product, used for MIR.

DND – Do Not Double coupon

ECB – Extra Care Bucks,
These coupons print at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you purchase items at CVS

ES – Easy Saver, Walgreens rebate booklet

EX or Exp. –
Expires or Expiration date, in reference to coupons or rebates, they must be used before they expire.

GM – General Mills Coupon Insert, found in the Sunday Paper

HBA – Health & Beauty, in reference to products at the store

HOT – Hot Deal or Coupon, a deal or coupon that will not last long

IP – Internet Printable Coupon, a coupon that you can print online

BOGO – Buy One Get One Free coupon or offer

B2GO – Buy 2 Get One Free coupon or offer

CAT – Coupon that prints from a Catalina machine at the register.  A Catalina Machine is a marketing tool that manufacturers use to print coupons as incentives to shop.

COUPON POLICY – Each store has a coupon policy.  The policy stipulates what their procedure is in regards to using coupons.

IVC – Instant value coupons, Walgreen’s rebate booklet

MANAGER’S DISCRETION – A store manager often has the discretion to set limits on coupons used and items purchased.

MQ – Manufacturer Coupon, provided by the manufacturer to use when making a purchase

MIR – Mail in Rebate, provided by the manufacturer to use when making a purchase.

NT WT – Net Weight, in reference to coupons that stipulate based on the wording that you must purchase a product with a specific net weight.

OOP – Out Of Pocket, this is the total that you pay or your expense

OOS – Out of Stock, when an item is not available

OTC –Over the counter medication, in reference to products at the store

OYNO – On Your Next Order, this is an incentive where you make a qualifying purchase and then receive an incentive to use on your next purchase.

Peelie –
Manufacturer coupons found attached to a product, like a sticker.

POP – Proof of purchase, used when remitting a MIR.

Q or Qpon– Coupon, the same as cash

RC – Rain-Check

WYB- When you buy

WYS- When you Spend

RR – Register Reward, from Walgreen’s – This is a manufacturer coupon

AY-All You magazine, a magazine sold online and at Walmart which sometimes has coupons in it.

Catalina- This is a coupon that prints after you have purchased your items.  It prints on a separate machine from the receipt.

Couponer- A person who collects and saves coupons to redeem them on products

Coupon Insert-These clip-able coupons come in the Sunday newspaper.

E-Coupons-Clipless or Loadable coupons. Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.

FAR-Free After Rebate. 

EXP-Expires or Expiration Date

SCR – Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid), an incentive program that offers you MIR when you make qualifying purchases.

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