Coupon Lingo

Coupon Lingo with definitions!

Trying to learn how to coupon, but coupon lingo is driving you crazy, print out this Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet for Everything you need to know about Coupon Lingo with definitions!

Coupon Lingo with definitions!

Coupon Lingo with definitions! 

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Cashback rebate -
Submit receipt for credit. 

CRT - Cash Register Tape-CRTs print at the bottom of your receipt.

limit 1- one coupon per purchase. 

FAE- free after extrabucks.

Digital coupon.

No longer available.

price match.

Coupon Deal idea. 

Break Down.

Store Coupon.

instant value coupon.



qpons or Q;s-

Gift Card.

- out of stock.

Buy two get one free.

BOGO - Buy one get one free.

Coupon dispensers with flashing lights.

in search of.

Register Rewards.

Universal Product code.

while supplies last.


dollar general.

ETS-Excludes Trial Size

CC- CVS Couponers.

Mobile Coupon App- An application you download on your phone which has coupon offers on it

Inserts in the Sunday paper-SS= Smart Source, RP= Red Plum, P&G= Proctor & Gamble

PSA-Prices starting at

MIR - Mail in Rebate

IP-Internet Printable coupons may be printed right from your home computer.  

"R"-regional coupon, or deal

MCM - magic coupon machine

Manufacturer Coupon- The company who produces the brand item on coupon


Store Coupon-A coupon created by the store

CVS Couponers- Extreme Couponing at CVS

CQ - Coupon Queen, a person who uses coupons to stockpile or save big

OOP- Out of pocket. This refers to the amount you pay for an item, not including rebates,or ECB’s.

OYNO- On Your Next Order. 

Stacking Coupons- Stacking coupons refers to using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one product.

One Coupon per Transaction- This one means you can only use one coupon per transaction

One Coupon per Purchase-  You can only use one coupon per item purchased.

Purchase- a purchase refers to buying any item

Purchase-Based Coupon-Purchase-Based coupons specify a dollar amount off a minimum dollar future purchase.  Some common values:  $2 off $10, $3 off $15, $4 off $20

Store Loyalty Card-  A free card which you present at checkout to receive additional savings

Money Maker- item is FREE + you have overage to pay for other items in your cart

STACKING or stack with– Using 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon on the same product

STOCKPILE – Is a pile or storage location for bulk materials, including groceries, personal care or household products.

DOUBLE – A coupon that the store doubles the face value of, if the coupon policy is to double coupons.

A pad found hanging from a store shelf or display.  This could be either coupons or MIR.

TRIPLE – A coupon that the store triples the face value of, if the coupon policy is to triple coupons.

UPC – Universal Product Code, barcode on the product, used for MIR.

DND – Do Not Double coupon

ECB – Extra Care Bucks,
These coupons print at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you purchase items at CVS

ES – Easy Saver, Walgreens rebate booklet

EX or Exp. –
Expires or Expiration date, in reference to coupons or rebates, they must be used before they expire.

GM – General Mills Coupon Insert, found in the Sunday Paper

HBA – Health & Beauty, in reference to products at the store

HOT – Hot Deal or Coupon, a deal or coupon that will not last long

IP – Internet Printable Coupon, a coupon that you can print online

BOGO – Buy One Get One Free coupon or offer

B2GO – Buy 2 Get One Free coupon or offer

CAT – Coupon that prints from a Catalina machine at the register.  A Catalina Machine is a marketing tool that manufacturers use to print coupons as incentives to shop.

COUPON POLICY – Each store has a coupon policy.  The policy stipulates what their procedure is in regards to using coupons.

IVC – Instant value coupons, Walgreen’s rebate booklet

MANAGER’S DISCRETION – A store manager often has the discretion to set limits on coupons used and items purchased.

MQ – Manufacturer Coupon, provided by the manufacturer to use when making a purchase

MIR – Mail in Rebate, provided by the manufacturer to use when making a purchase.

NT WT – Net Weight, in reference to coupons that stipulate based on the wording that you must purchase a product with a specific net weight.

OOP – Out Of Pocket, this is the total that you pay or your expense

OOS – Out of Stock, when an item is not available

OTC –Over the counter medication, in reference to products at the store

OYNO – On Your Next Order, this is an incentive where you make a qualifying purchase and then receive an incentive to use on your next purchase.

Peelie –
Manufacturer coupons found attached to a product, like a sticker.

POP – Proof of purchase, used when remitting a MIR.

Q or Qpon– Coupon, the same as cash

RC – Rain-Check

WYB- When you buy

WYS- When you Spend

RR – Register Reward, from Walgreen’s – This is a manufacturer coupon

AY-All You magazine, a magazine sold online and at Walmart which sometimes has coupons in it.

Catalina- This is a coupon that prints after you have purchased your items.  It prints on a separate machine from the receipt.

Couponer- A person who collects and saves coupons to redeem them on products

Coupon Insert-These clip-able coupons come in the Sunday newspaper.

E-Coupons-Clipless or Loadable coupons. Instead of printing the coupon, you load it onto your store loyalty card.

FAR-Free After Rebate. 

EXP-Expires or Expiration Date

SCR – Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid), an incentive program that offers you MIR when you make qualifying purchases.

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