CVS 98% Purchase Rule

CVS 98% Rule


How does the 98% rule at CVS work? Your purchase needs to be within 98% of the amount required to generate Extra Bucks or cash card, View Chart below.


How Does the CVS 98% Purchase Rule Work?

how does it workCVS 98% Purchase Rule

CVS 98% Purchase Rule 

Lets say CVS has a $10 Extra buck deal when you spend $30, You may find your order a few cents short from hitting the limit.  

You struggle to find something more to add to your total to bring it to the amount needed in order to generate the Extrabucks (ECB) on your purchase. 

The thing is – you don’t have to!!!

CVS 98% Purchase Rule

What is the 98% Rule?   

Your purchase needs to be within 98% of the amount required to generate Extra Bucks or cash card.

Some CVS promotions require a certain purchase amount (Ex: $5 Extrabucks WYS $15),(Ex: $10 Cash Card WYS $30)

CVS’s computer system will generate Extra Bucks when your purchase meets the 98% rule. 



Lets Say CVS is offering $10 Extra Bucks When you spend $30 on P&G Products. Your total must be at least 98%, which is $29.40 in order for Extra Bucks to print.


                     98% Rule Chart

CVS 98% rule

Quick Coupon Tips 

  Quick Coupon Tips

CVS allows you to use the following coupons per product
  • One manufacturer coupon.
  • One CVS store coupon (Crt ort Store App Coupon).
  • CVS Extrabucks (ECB)(EBs) from previous visit.

Pay attention to Extrabucks limits in CVS Ads, You dont want to end up over paying.

Extrabucks rewards printed at the end of your cash register receipt are to be used on your next purchase.

Don't forget if CVS does not have your item in stock, You can ask for a rain checks which includes the Extrabucks offers.

ECB Promotions (excludes trial/travel and clearance )

you can only print 2 coupons per computer from coupons. com, you will need more than one device, or use a friend only family members computer to print more, You can also print from the library

Unilever coupons have a limit of 2, you will need to do those deals in more than one shopping trip (register will keep track of our total)

  • ECB= Extra Care Bucks
  • WYB= when you buy
  • WYS= when you spend

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