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CVS Percent-off Coupons

CVS Percent Off Coupons -  25%off, 30%off 50% off

 How to Use CVS Percent-off Coupons

Q: How do I Use Other Coupons with the Percent-Off Coupons?
A: CVS Policy states “Savings applied to total qualifying purchase after other CVS coupons and discounts are applied.” this depends on what each coupon scans as.

Q: How can I get  percent-off coupon coupon?
A: From the CVS ECB coupon Center, in the weekly ad, or in special information booklets or emails.On a rare occasion you will find them on your receipt.

Q: How many times can I use this coupon?

A: Each coupon is one-time use only

The percent-off coupon will reduce after these coupons have been applied first

  • Beauty Club Reward
  • Purchase-Based Coupons (e.g. $4.00/$20.00)
  • Manual- or Force-printed ECB
  • Any coupon that scans as a “cvs coupon”
  • percent-off coupon

The following are taken off after the percent-off coupon,

Manufacturer coupons

   CVS Store Coupon                 CVS Manufacturer Coupon

ECB  earned from weekly/monthly deals (that aren’t force-printed or manually entered)
Store coupons that scan as a “cvs mfr coupon”


  • You have a 30% off CVS Coupon
  • Your subtotal is $30.00
  • You are expecting a savings of $9.00 from your coupon (30% of $30.00).
  • Yet, you also use a $5.00/$30.00 and $5.00 Beauty Club Reward.

The percent-off will be applied  after the above coupons has been subtracted off the total 30% will be applied to $20.00 instead of $30.00. So your percent-off coupon will only take off $6.00, not $9.00

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