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CVS ExtraBucks Rewards Program

Learn how CVS ExtraBucks Rewards Program works and how to use coupon to maximize your savings

 CVS ExtraBucks Rewards Program

Q: What are Extra Care bucks
A: CVS rewards program is called Extra Care Bucks, They print at the bottom of your receipt with a clear expiration date. You can use them instantly.  Think of it as cash.

(TIP: Coupon lingo ECB=Extra Care Bucks)

Q: How do I get a Extra Care buck Card?
A: You will need to fill out a short application form in store or online. Its better to do it online, you get to print out a temporary card so you can start using it right away.If you do it in the store you have to wait for head office to get it, and mail it out to you.


Online Form will look like this @

In Store Form will look like this


Q: How Do I earn Extra Care bucks?
Extra Care Bucks  are earned by purchasing selected products within promotional period listed in the CVS Ad or Online.

Promotion example;

Get $5.00 Extra Care bucks when you spend $20.00



Get $5.00 Extra Care bucks when you buy 2 products

Q: How to Use Extra Bucks, and What can I buy with my Extra Bucks?
A: Simply cut off your ECBs on the bottom of you receipt and redeem them on your next visit on almost anything in the store ECBs cannot be used to pay for prescriptions, gift cards, alcohol, stamps, and milk.

Q: Can I buy something for $4.00 and use a $5.00 ECB?
A: Yes you can, put you are going to Loss $1.00 ECB. To get the best value buy something for $5.00 and Use $5.00 ECB

Q: Do Extra Care bucks Expire?
A: Yes, there is an expire date on the bottom of every ECB receipt ECB usually expire within 30 days from the day you printed them

Q: What if I lose my CVS card?
A: If you Add your card to CVS App, you will never have to worry about losing your card, simply just give the cashier your phone number. If you have the CVS Card be careful with your ECBs, and keep them close by.If they are lost, stolen or destroyed CVS may not be willing reset them.Call ECB Customer Service they may be able to help at 1800 shopcvs

Q: Can I use CVS Emails Coupons 00% off or $5/$20 on sale or Clearance items?

A: NO, can only be used on regularly priced items.

Q: Can I use my ECBs on
A: No, you can not use ECB online, but you can use your quarterly ECB online.

Q: To Receive $5.00 ECB when I spend $15.00, is that before or after coupons?
A: Before

Q: Can I share/use/transfer My ECBs with family or friends?

Q: What if I forgot my ECB Card at home, can make my purchase now, and receive ECB later?
A: No, You must show your card to receive the offers, or better yet, never miss out on a deal by adding your Coupons & ECB  to the CVS App, if you dont have your phone just give cashier your phone number and coupons are added?

Q: Can I have more than one card?

A: No, CVS Policy Clearly states "One Card Per HOUSE HOLD" one card per address

        *ONLY ONE CARD*

Q: Can I Use CVS Or Manufacture coupons on sale or Clearance items?

A: Yes

Q: Can I stack Extra Care bucks promotions deals with Coupons?
A: Yes, unless otherwise posted not to in the fine print on coupon or in the ad by CVS.

Q: How many Extra Care bucks can I use per transaction?
A: As many as you want until the register stops accepting when your subtotal hits $0.00  (pre-tax total) (-$0.00)

Q:Do I have to use all of my ExtraBucks Rewards in one shopping trip?
A:Yes,make sure that the amount you're spending is higher or the same value so that you can take full advantage of your rewards.

Q: Does CVS take expired Extra Care bucks?
A: No

Q:I can't access my ExtraCare Savings and ExtraBucks Rewards information online what should I do?
A:Create a Account
Attach your ExtraCare card 

Q:I need help, who do I call?
A:Need More Help; CVS Customer service is so helpful and kind they are ready to help at CVS Customer Care Center 1-888-607-4CVS (1-888-607-4287)

Q: What & Where is the CVS Extra Care Buck Coupon Center?
A: It’s a tall red and yellow machine, usually near the entrance.

Q: How do I get Coupons from the ECB Coupon Center?
A: Scan your CVS Card at CVS ECB Coupon Center located in every CVS store and Receive in store CVS Coupons that you can stack with printable coupons. Just walk up to it and scan your CVS ECB card and coupons will print out.

Q: How do I get Customized Coupons & Exclusive ECB promotions & Percent off Coupons from CVS?
A: Give CVS your email address when you sign up. Every week CVS will send you customized coupons just for you! You’ll receive a $4 off $20 coupon instantly in your email.


Q:In Which Order should i present my Coupons & ECB to Cashier ?
A: Stacking
   ECB Rewards
   CVS Cash Card
   ECB (ExtraCash Bucks)


In all Coupon scenarios CVS store managers have final say, what order coupons, may be presented, and most registers do them automatically in order CVS wants them.

Plus you will earn Quarterly Extrabucks

Q:When will I get my Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards?

A:You'll get your Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards four times throughout year:

  • January 1st
  • April 1st
  • July 1st
  • October 1st.

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