170 Manufacturers You can Email Right Now for Coupons or Free Samples!


 170 Manufacturers You can Email Right Now for Coupons or Free Samples!

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170 Manufacturers You can Email Right Now for Coupons or Free Samples!

Plus: Tips on how to request coupons from company's for best results.

170 Manufacturers You can Email Right Now for Coupons or Free Samples!

Manufacturers give away free samples and Coupons of their products all the time. They want you to try their latest product so much that you will want to buy it again and again.

When you email a company here is how to request Coupons:

1) Don't ask for coupons flat out

Don’t write specifically asking for coupons flat out, but I have heard of others doing so and getting them.

2) Write a personal story

Write and tell them that you love their product, and give a personal story about why.

3) Be Genuine

If the company believes your message was genuine, they may send more coupons.

4) Complement the product

Complement them on their product and how much you or your family enjoy that product.

5)Spread the word

Say how you will tell all your friends about their product and how good it is.

6) Make suggestions

Companies like having suggestions on how they might improve their products.

7) Don't forget you contact information

Include your contact information (including your address) in this email so if they do send out coupons they have your address.

8) Letters from Kids

letters from kids are the best...members have reported getting extra coupons sent



➦You may or may not receive coupons in the mail from all Companies

➦Some Company's all you will get back is a thank you letter.

➦Most of these offers are limited to households in the United States.

➦It will take about four to ten weeks for the free sample or coupons to arrive to your home, so be patient.

➦Most Coupons/free samples are offered limited to one for each household. So keep track of companies you email.

➦These products are sample-size, not full size. You will get one to four uses out of a sample.

➦Many manufacturers use Facebook to give away coupons and samples. When you "like" their Facebook page

➦Some free samples are offered by companies with or without you required to do a survey on the product.

➦Usually you will get a free sample in the mail, but sometimes you will receive a free coupon for a full size product in a store, Plus a high value coupon you can use on your next purchase.

I have written to many companies and I personally I have received free product coupons and high value coupons you wouldn't get any where else, and some company's nothing. So it's worth a try... you never know!

Let us know of your experiences! Good Luck!


LIST of the Top 170 Compaines to request coupons or free samples from

►Campbell’s http://www.campbellkitchen.com/

►Del Monte Veggies http://www.delmonte.com/

►Blue Diamond http://www.bluediamond.com/

►Florida’s Natural http://www.floridasnatural.com/

►Rudi’s Organic http://www.rudisbakery.com/

►Mussleman’s Applesauce http://www.knouse.com/

►Skinny Cow http://www.skinnycow.com/

►Baker’s Inn Bread ravindernath@bakersinn.com

►Malt O Meal http://www.malt-o-meal.com/

►Haagen Dazs http://www.haagen-dazs.com/

►Tillamook http://www.tillamookcheese.com/

►Michelena’s http://www.michelinas.com/

►Kotex http://www.kotex.com/

►Luigi’s Italian Ice http://www.luigis.co/

►Thomas’ http://www.thomas.gwbakeries.com/

►Hostess http://www.twinkies.com/

►Edy’s http://www.edys.com/

►Tyson http://www.tyson.com/

►Hatfield http://www.hqm.com/

►Hillshire Farm http://www.hillshirefarm.com/

►BirdsEye http://www.birdseye.com/

►Sensodyone http://www.sensodyne.com/

►Starkist Tuna http://www.starkist.com/

►Idahoan http://www.idahoan.com/

►Cole’s Garlic Bread http://www.coles.com/

►Arm & Hammer http://www.armandhammer.com/

►Windex http://www.windex.com/

►Uncle Ben’s http://www.unclebens.com/

►Whiskas http://www.whiskas.com/

►Lipton http://www.liptont.com/

►Helluva Good http://www.helluvagood.com/

►Perdue http://www.perdue.com/

►Viva Paper Towel http://www.vivatowels.com/

►Edward’s Pies http://www.edwardsbaking.com/

►Electrasol http://www.electrasol.com/

►Kashi http://www.kashi.com/

►Schick http://www.shaving.com/

►Smart Ones http://www.eatyourbest.com/

►Georgia Pacific http://www.gp.com/

►Ling Ling’s http://www.ling-ling.com/

►Horizon http://www.horizonorganic.com/

►7 Up http://www.7up.com/

►McCain’s Fries http://www.mccainusa.com/

►Healthy Balance http://www.healthybalance.com/

►Mrs. Smith’s http://www.mrssmiths.com/

►St. Ives http://www.stives.com/

►Ronzoni http://www.ronzoni.com/

►Tropicana http://www.tropicana.com/

►Ball Park Franks http://www.ballparkfranks.com/

►Clorox http://www.clorox.com/

►White Castle http://www.whitecastle.com/

►PictSweet http://www.pictsweet.com/

►Lean Cuisine http://www.leancuisine.com/

►Olivio customerservice@olivioproducts.com

►Vlasic http://www.vlasic.com/

►Stonyfield Farm http://www.stonyfield.com/

►Keebler http://www.keebler.com/

►Celestial Seasonings http://www.celestialseasonings.com/

►Boboli http://www.boboli.com/

►Entemman’s http://www.entenmanns.com/

►Arnold Bread http://www.arnoldbread.com/

►Freihof’s Bread http://www.freihofers.com/

►Tree Ripe OJ http://www.johannafoods.com/juice.htm

►Wonder Bread http://www.wonderbread.com/

►Hebrew National http://www.hebrewnational.com/

►Zatarains http://www.zatarains.com/

►Mrs. T’s Pierogies http://www.mrsts.com/

►9 Lives http://www.9lives.com/

►Barber Foods http://www.barberfoods.com/

►Banquet http://www.banquet.com/

►Bic http://www.bicworld.com/

►Eucerin http://www.eucerin.com/

►Farm Rich http://www.farmrichfun.com/

►Kozy Shack http://www.kozyshack.com/

►Mt. Olive http://www.mtolivepickles.com/

►Pilgrim’s Pride http://www.pilgrimspride.com/

►Tide http://www.tide.com/

►Oust http://www.oust.com/

►Chef Boyardee http://www.chefboyardee.com/

►Propel http://www.propelwater.com/

►Bagel Bites heinzconsumeraffairs@hjheinz.com

►Snapple http://www.snapple.com/

►Clearasil http://www.clearasil.us/

►Morningstar Farms http://www.morningstarfarms.com/

►Welch’s http://www.welchs.com/

►Rumba Juice http://www.rumbaenergyjuice.com/

►Luna Bars http://www.lunabar.com/

►Mott’s http://www.motts.com/

►White House Applesauce http://www.whitehousefoods.com/

►Natures Own Breads http://www.naturesownbread.com/

►Cascadian Farms http://www.cascadianfarm.com/

►Brach’s Candy http://www.brachs.com/

►Fast Fixin’s http://www.fastfixin.com/

►Carl Budding http://www.budding.com/

►Bar-S Hot Dogs http://www.bar-s.com/

►Hawaiian Punch http://www.hawaiianpunch.com/

►Bigelow Tea http://www.bigelowtea.com/

►El Montery http://www.ruizfoods.com/

►Wylers Soups http://www.wylers.com/

►Nexcare http://www.nexcare.com/

►Sunny Delight http://www.sunnydelight.com/

►Freschetta http://www.freschetta.com/

►Dunkin Donuts http://www.dunkindonuts.com/

►Blistex http://www.blistex.com/

►Promise http://www.promisehealthyheart.com/

►Pepperidge Farm http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/

►Greenies http://www.greenies.com/

►Land O Lakes http://www.landolakes.com/

►Sargento http://www.sargentocheese.com/

►Dannon http://www.dannon.com/

►Bolthouse Juice http://www.bolthouse.com/

►Hefty http://www.pactiv.com/

►Tribe Hummus http://www.tribehummus.com/

►Crayola http://www.crayola.com/

►Gorton’s Fish http://www.gortons.com/

►Hanes http://www.hanes.com/

►Marie Calendar http://www.mariepies.com/

►Pine-Sol http://www.pinesol.com/

►Foster Farms http://www.fosterfarms.com/

►General Mills http://www.generalmills.com/

►Rhodes Bread customersatisfaction@rhodesbread.com

►Breyers http://www.icecreamusa.com/breyers

►Duncan Hines http://www.duncanhines.com/

►Sea Pak Shrimp http://www.seapak.com/

►Al Fresco http://www.alfrescoallnatural.com/

►Ben and Jerry’s http://www.benandjerrys.com/

►Tony’s Pizza http://www.tonys.com/

►Asian Sensations comments@asiansensations.com

►Red Baron http://www.redbaron.com/

►Freschetta http://www.freschetta.com/

►Gillette Venus http://www.gillettevenus.com/

►Jose Ole http://www.joseole.com/

►Suave http://www.suave.com/

►Lady Speed Stick http://www.mennen.com/

►Jennie O http://www.jennieo.com/

►Downy http://www.downy.com/

►Glade http://www.glade.com/

►Mardi Gras http://www.gp.com/

►Oreida http://www.oreida.com/

►Skintamate http://www.scjbrands.com/contact/

►Raid http://www.scjbrands.com/contact/

►Dole http://www.dole.com/

►Mama Mary’s http://www.mamamarys.com/

►IBC Root Beer http://www.ibcrootbeer.com/

►Dial Soap http://www.dialcop.com/

►Bakers Joy http://www.bakersjoy.com/

►Jennie-O Turkey http://www.jennieo.com/

►Barbara’s Bakery http://www.barbarasbakery.com/

►Ian’s Natural http://www.iansnaturalfoods.com/

►Hansen’s Beverage http://www.hansens.com/

►Alexia Foods http://www.alexiafoods.com/

►Brown Cow Yogurt http://www.browncowfarm.com/

►Ocean Spray http://www.oceanspray.com/

►Flat Out Bread feedback@flatoutbread.com

►Lactaid http://www.lactaid.com/

►Michangelo’s Frozen Entrees http://www.michaelangelos.com/efamily

►Mission Tortillas http://www.missionfoods.com/

►Splenda http://www.splenda.com/

►Equal Exchange http://www.equalexchange.com/

►Odwalla http://www.odwalla.com/

►Ray’s New York Bagels http://www.raysnewyorkbagels.com/

►Nissin Noodles http://www.nissinfoods.com/

►Yogi Tea http://www.yogitea.com/Silk Soy Milk http://www.silksoymilk.com/

►Shady Brook Farms http://www.shadybrookfarms.com/

►Mrs. Dash http://www.mrsdash.com/

►Rice Dream http://www.tastethedream.com/

►Blue Bunny http://www.bluebunny.com/

►Sobe http://www.sobebev.com/

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