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HOW to Start Receiving CVS Scanner or Email Coupons Again?

HOW to Start Receiving CVS Scanner or Email Coupons Again?

New CVS Shoppers

  • Sign Up for a CVS ExtraCare card Online at cvs. com
  • Give CVS your email address when you sign up, to receive CVS Emails & Promotions and Coupons
  • Usually every Thursday CVS will send you customized coupons just for you via email!
  • You’ll receive a $4 off $20 coupon instantly when to sign up

Frequent CVS shoppers

It seems the more you shop at CVS the less E-Mail: $0/$0 or 0% off CVS Coupons You Get, Why Is this?

Well, CVS Offers E-Mail: $0/$0 or 0% off  Coupons to New Card Holders/shoppers, its a way to get New customers to shop at CVS regularly and keep them! makes sense right!

Most people will receive email coupons for the first few weeks/months of shopping at CVS and then they stop receiving them completely.

Members Have reported Trying one these 3 methods in order to start getting E-Mail: $0/$0 or 0% off  Coupons again.

Call CVS Customer Service!

Some members have had luck obtaining E-Mail: $0/$0 or 0% off CVS Coupons by simply calling CVS Customer Service and requesting them.1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287)


Stop Shopping at CVS for a few months! 

One thing you could try doing is taking a break from CVS for while. Some members have stopped shopping at CVS for a few months and after awhile they started getting email coupons from CVS again. This may, or may not work for some people,  if you shop at CVS everyday, you will miss it!(I'm personally not a fan of this one)

Ditch the old Card & Start Fresh!

If it's been a long time since you have received any good offers from CVS and you are looking for an immediate fresh start, you can apply for a new ExtraCare card.

Use a NEW EMAIL address when you sign up and DON'T LINK your old card with your new card in any way. 

You will start getting email coupons for your new card when you follow this method.

CVS Couponers

How to Start Receiving Scanner Coupons

Scanner coupons are based on your shopping habits, you need to shop regularly at CVS to get them!

1. In-Ad coupons:
  • These coupons are advertised in the CVS weekly ad.
  • These coupons will start printing for everyone on Sunday.
  • You will only receive 1 of each advertised coupon during that week.

2. "Personalized"/Special Coupons:
  • These coupons are not advertised but will load to some members accounts starting on Monday.
  • These coupons print at the CVS ECB Coupon Center or online that during that week.
  • These coupons are personalized to your shopping habits.

CVS Coupons

Not everyone will get the same coupons, and some people may not receive any scanner coupons at all.

We you see us CVS Couponers post our weekly CVS crt Coupon list is it based on coupons we get and couponers reported by CVS Couponers members.

TIP: you can only print 2 coupons per computer from coupons. com, you will need more than one device, or use a friend only family members computer to print more, You can also print from the library

TIP:Unilever coupons have a limit of 2, you will need to do those deals in more than one shopping trip (register will keep track of our total)

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