Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Be your own Barista with the Creative Café Barista Bar!

Perfect Gift idea for that Café Barista Bar lover in your Home! Be your own barista with the Creative Café Barista Bar on sale now.

Creative Café is a line of food activity products that mimic on trend “real” cooking tools/machines that include real food (i.e. coffee maker, etc.). Learn More


Creative Café Barista Bar is all about kids finding their inner Barista and making customized coffee-free latte drinks just like a barista does at their favorite local coffee shop! Learn More

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Creative Café Barista Bar

How it works:

Mix powder with milk

Froth by pulling lever down

Design with stencils by using our powder (or something from home)

Lots of different recipes to choose from (or make up your own)!

Works great with all types of milk and milk alternatives

Kid safe, no heat!

Use powder and syrups from home to continue the fun!

Check out for more details! You can find it online or in store at Amazon, TGT and WMT.

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Written by: CVS Couponers