Saturday, September 17, 2022

CVS Couponers My Dog Ate My Extrabucks!

CVS Couponers My Dog Ate My Extrabucks. View full Video of what my dog did below. 😲

Do you think if I called CVS Customer Service I could get my CVS Extrabucks Refunded back. πŸ˜‚

I couldn't image the look on the CVS Customer Service faceπŸ˜’ if they where asked that question. 

CVS Couponers Most likely the answer is no on that one.πŸ˜… 



I was upset I lost a lot of CVS Extrabucks, but it was my fault for leaving them out.

I had a laughπŸ˜ƒ, and took my loss.πŸ˜•

My CVS Couponer friend thought it would be funny to record my Doggie having fun chewing up my CVS Extrabucks before calling me over to show me what my dog was up to.

I lost a total of $75 CVS Extrabucks that day but i made the best of it and made this video for you.

She is just so cute its hard to get upset with her.

I guess my doggie loves extra bucks just as much as I do.

But I will 100% be more careful with my CVS Extra bucks next time that's for learned CVS Couponers.


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Written by: CVS Couponers