Thursday, December 15, 2022

It's the End of P&G Brandsaver Insert Coupons

It's the End of P&G Brandsaver Insert Coupons


Sadly After December 31, 2022 you will no longer be getting P&G Brandsaver insert coupons in your local Sunday News Papers, here is why.

Once upon a time, P&G Brandsaver was a beloved source of coupons for many shoppers. People would eagerly await the arrival of the P&G Brandsaver inserts in their newspapers, eagerly clipping out the coupons for their favorite P&G products. 


However, times are changing and the use of coupons was on the decline. More and more people were turning to digital coupons and discounts, and P&G Brandsaver struggled to keep up.

Despite the efforts of the P&G team, the decision was ultimately made to end the distribution of the P&G Brandsaver inserts. 

This news was met with sadness and disappointment by many loyal P&G shoppers.

It's the End of P&G Brandsaver Insert Coupons

But all is not lost. P&G will continue to offer
digital coupons and discounts through other channels, such as their website and social media. 

While the era of P&G Brandsaver had come to an end, the brand remained committed to providing value to its customers.

The end of P&G Brandsaver may have marked the end of an era, but it also paves the way for new and innovative ways for P&G to connect with its customers and offer savings on their favorite products.

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After January 1st, the day of having “zero paper coupons” printable or insert form could seem that much closer to reality.

Written by: CVS Couponers