How to Get and Use CVS Rain Checks!

How to Get and Use CVS Rain Checks!

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How to Get and Use CVS Rain Checks!

Requesting rain checks is easy once you know how!


TIP:Ask an employee if they have extra stock of the product in another spot such or in the back of the store. If they do, it saves you the hassle of requesting and redeeming a rain check.

How to Get & Use CVS Rain Checks!


Q: How to I get a CVS Rain Check?

A: When CVS Has a product that is out of stock during a regular price, sale or promotion (unless otherwise stated) just Ask cashier for a rain check for that item.


Q: Do CVS Rain-checks expire?

A. No, CVS Rain-checks do not expire.


Q: What if I have a CVS store coupon for the Rain-check item?

A: The raincheck will extend the CVS/pharmacy coupon expiration date. Both the CVS/pharmacy coupon and raincheck must be presented at time of purchase.
The raincheck will be attached to the CVS/pharmacy coupon by store personnel.

Q: What if I have a third party manufacturer’s coupon for the Rain Check item?

A: CVS will not accept a third party manufacturer coupon after it has expired


Q: What type of restrictions apply to CVS Rain Checks?

A: *You cannot get a rain check on clearance prices

   *limited time offers (doorbusters, Black Friday sales, liquidations, etc.)

   *The majority of stores only issue rain checks for current ad sale prices, not everyday prices. 

Q: Are Rain Checks offered on all sale items?

A. Rain Checks are only offered for regularly carried merchandise.


Q: Can I return a product without a receipt?

A: ALL returns/refund are subject to Store Manager’s approval.

Returns with receipt:
Are allowed within 60 days of the purchase

Returns without receipt:
refund will be processed on a CVS Money Card

Q: Can I return a clearance item?

A: No, All sales are final on clearance and discontinued items

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