How to Use CVS Curbside Express Pickup?

How to Use CVS Curbside Express Pickup?

 How to Use CVS Curbside Express Pickup?


CVS is Offering You A Huge Discount off Your 1st Curbside Express Pickup Order!

NOTE: This is an example : Using promo code $10 off $15, each week the CVS promo code will change with a new offer providing a NEW promo CODE (promo codes may vary by region/store), look in your local CVS flyer or online account for updated promo Codes in your area.


To Save $10.00 on Your First Curbside Pickup Order at CVS Follow these 5 easy steps

All you have to do is ; 

1) This must be your first curbside pickup order, to receive discount. limit 1



2) Place an order CVS Pharmacy App CVS Express for ANY item priced at $15.00 or higher


3) To receive $10.00 discount off your purchase;

Enter Coupon Code CVSCURBCIRC8 (or code provided in you region) at Checkout.


4) Wait from text from CVS when to pick up your order.



5) Head over to your selected CVS Store location.  Park in curb side pickup spot, and your order will be brought out to you!

Thats it!


Offer details;

  • Tax charged on precoupon price where required.  
  • Tax is not applicable towards your order total.
  • Savings are not transferable. 
  • No cash back.
  • Only available at selected CVS Stores, that offer CVS Express
  • Offer available for this order through CVS Express only

SAVE MORE When you link your ExtraCare card to your account, your eligible ExtraCare deals and rewards can be applied to curbside pickup orders.

Q: Can I Use manufacturer Coupons with Curbside pickup?

A: Unfortunately you cannot use manufacturer coupons with your order.  

You CAN however use any of the CVS offers and Extra Care Bucks that are loaded onto your reward card.  Plus, you will earn Extra Care Bucks if offered on purchase. 

That's why it's important to use Curbside on items we don't have coupons for!

Q: I added my $5 off $15 extrabucks offer and i do not see it applied to my curbside order?

A: In- store pricing and eligible ExtraCare deals and Extrabucks Rewards on your card will be applied after Check out!

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