CVS Purchase Based Coupons

CVS Purchase Based Coupons at cvs

CVS Purchase Based Coupons

CVS Purchase Based Coupon -$4.00/$20.00 , $5.00/$15.00, $3.00/$10.00, $3.00/$15.00

Purchase Based Coupons at cvs

  CVS Purchase Based Coupons

Q: What are CVS “Purchase-Based” Coupons?
A: They are CVS store coupons that come in the form of $4.00/$20.00 purchase, $5.00/$15.00 purchase, $3.00/$10.00 Shaving Items Purchase, $3.00/$15.00 Cosmetics Purchase.

How to Use CVS  Purchase-Based Coupons

Q: How to use “Purchase-Based” Coupons with other Coupons?

A: Be sure to hand any purchase-based coupons over to the cashier first. Use before other manufacturer and CVS coupons.

Q: Can I purchase anything with “Purchase-Based” Coupons?

A: No, you must purchase products from specific category listed on coupon (beauty, oral care, shaving, vitamins, etc).

Q: My total is $14.93, can i use the $3.00/$15.00 off Coupon?

A: No, You must accumulate entire purchase amount required on the coupon to receive savings?

Buy 3
Tide $5.00
Use $3.00/$15.00 laundry product Cvs Coupon
Print (3) $2.00/1 Tide Coupons
Total= $2.00 each WYB/3

Q: Can I Combine multiple “Purchase-Based” Coupons in one transaction?

A: Yes, unless the coupon specifically prohibits it (always read the fine print on coupons)

CVS Purchase Based Coupons

Q: Does  the  “98% rule”  apply  “Purchase-Based” Coupons

A: No, the “98% rule” that applies ECB does not apply to purchase-based coupons.

Q: If there is a BOGO free sale, Does the free item amount count towards my final total?

A: NO, the second/free item does not count towards final total.


An item on sale for “BOGO FREE” at a regular price of $7.99 each, only counts for $7.99 toward your spending requirement

  •     You have $4.00/$12.00 Shaving Items CVS Coupon
  •     Razors are on Sale for BOGO FREE for $7.99
  •     You have $3.00/1 Razor manufacture Coupon

Razors $7.99 ( 2 are FREE)
Use $4.00/$12.00 Shaving Items CVS Coupon
Use (2) $3.00/1 Razor manufacture Coupon
Total= $1.49 each WYB/4

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CVS Purchase Based Coupons

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